Steel Sheet Pile H & U & C Shaped Pile

Steel sheet piles are long structural sections with interlocking edges that form a continuous wall. They are driven into the ground to support soil or water pressure. The main types of steel sheet piles are H, U, and C shaped:

  • H-Shaped Piles: Designed for high load-bearing applications, providing greater strength and stiffness.
  • U-Shaped Piles: Most common type, providing a balance between strength and flexibility.
  • C-Shaped Piles: Used for lighter applications, offering ease of handling and installation.


Product NameSteel Sheet Pile H & U & C Shaped Pile
StandardJIS 5523, JIS 5528, GB, KS F4604
CertificationISO BV, TUV, SGS
MaterialsSYW296, SYW390, SY295, SY390, SY300, SY400, SY300W, SY400W, S240GP, S270GP, S320GP, S355GP, S390GP, S430GP
SpecificationsZ Shaped Pile: ZZ12-700, ZZ13-700, ZZ14-700, Z212-770, ZZ13-770, ZZ14-770, ZZ17-700, ZZ18-700, ZZ19-700, ZZ20-700, ZZ24-700, ZZ26-700, ZZ27-700, ZZ28-700, ZZ36-700, ZZ38-700, ZZ40-700, ZZ42-700, ZZ44-700, ZZ46-700, ZZ48-700, ZZ50-700, ZZ52-700, ZZ48-580;
U Shaped Pile: SPU II, SPU III, SPU IIIA, SPU IV, SPU VL, SPU VIL, SPU IIW(SX10), SPU IIIW(SX18), SPU IVW(SX27), ZU601, ZU602, ZU603, ZU607, ZU16, ZU18, Z19, ZU20, ZU22, ZU23, ZU26, ZU28, ZU30, ZU25-750;
H Shaped Pile: HZZ 2323A, HZZ 2323B, HZZ 2323C, HZZ 2323D, HZZ 2323E, HZZ 3023A,  HZZ 3023B, HZZ 3023C, HZZ 3023D, HZZ 4023A, HZZ 4023B, HZZ 4023C, HZZ 4023D,  HZZ 4030A, HZZ 4030B, HZZ 4030C, HZZ 4030D;
Surface ServicesOil, Black, Galvanized, Painted
Processing ServiceHot rolled, Cold rolled,
MOQ1 Ton
Capacity10, 000 ton per month
PaymentT / T, L / C, etc
Trade TermFOB, CIF, CFR, EXW, etc.

Steel Sheet Pile Process

steel sheet pile process

Our Certifications

Packaging and Shipping

1. Wood pallet packing cover with water-proof paper
2. Steel pallet packing cover with water-proof paper
3. Wood box packing
4. Steel pallet packing cover with steel box
5. In bundles with steel strip no extra packing

package and shipment


  • High Precision Dimension: The carbon steel profile has excellent processing technology good molding and easy welding. Thickened material, stable performance, and high hardness, not easy to rust.
  • Low Friction: Low dissipation factor. More durable than most ordinary domestic bearings. Lower operating costs​
  • Life Is Long: High-quality steel through strict quality inspection, quality control layer-by-layer detection, and reliable quality, long service life.
  • Customization: Drawings and samples can be processed and customized. Conventional large-scale spot, non-standard customization.
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